Move over 4G, OPPO is moving towards 5G mobile internet speed!

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Last October, OPPO announced its latest innovation — HyperBoost technology. HyperBoost enables select OPPO smartphones to perform resource-heavy apps more efficiently, leading to faster performance. OPPO isn’t just done yet with innovation though, as the brand recently announced that one of its smartphones has successfully completed 5G internet access for the first time.

The smartphone that OPPO used is a modified R15, and it will lay the foundation for the brand to commercially launch 5G-ready smartphones next year. As one of the pioneers of 5G, OPPO committed to be one of the key contributors to the 5G standard and has become an important promoter of 5G product development and commercialization.


Fresh off of launching HyperBoost, OPPO is innovating once again with 5G connection!

To further strengthen its commitment towards releasing 5G-capable smartphones, OPPO recently announced its partnership with Qualcomm Technologies’, also known as “5G Pilot” program to jointly explore mobile technology innovations in the 5G network. After then, the OPPO Research Institute was unveiled to comprehensively enhance the company’s technological innovation and research capabilities.

Thanks to its successful test and its partnerships with other tech companies, OPPO is now laying a solid foundation for the release of commercially available 5G smartphones in 2019.