When game developer Niantic is mentioned, Pokemon GO will probably be the first thing that’ll pop up in gamers’ minds. This is no surprise given that the Pokemon spin-off title became a mega-hit when it was released last 2016. That game wasn’t Niantic’s first foray into augmeted reality though as the developer’s first game was Ingress — a sci-fi themed AR title that plays a bit like Pokemon GO.

While GO is the more successful game, Niantic is still giving some love to its first game with the recent launch of Ingress Prime, a major reboot of Niantic’s Ingress.


Much like the first game, Ingress Prime will have players take control of portals at real-world locations for one of two competing factions — the Enlightened (Team Green) and the Resistance (Team Blue). While gameplay is more or less the same, Ingress Prime will come with a bevy of improvements such as more realistic real-world integration, a sleeker UI, and AR features that are more similar to Pokemon GO.

Ingress Prime will also have a new story, with new story updates being released on the game’s website. Don’t worry though if you’re a big Ingress fan, it’s still very much a cyberpunk tale!

Ingress Prime is available now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Ingress series also recently got an anime series adaption in Japan.