WATCH: My Hero Academia Season 4 gets its first official preview

Here's hoping it matches (or even exceeds) S3!

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Last week, anime studio Bones revealed that My Hero Academia Season 4 will be coming a bit later than the previous seasons, specifically it will air on October 2019 (the past seasons of BNHA aired every April). Though we’ll have to wait a bit longer for season 4, we’re at least treated to a new official trailer!

Watch the first preview of My Hero Academia Season 4 here:


As with the promo images released recently, Season 4 will heavily feature Mirio, a third-year UA High School student that’s part of the school’s Big 3. With All-Might’s power gone, it seems like Miro will take on the role of mentor to Deku.

Now for the villains, it seems Tomura Shigaraki won’t just be the main baddie as Kai Chisaki is also featured heavily in the new trailer (Chisaki was introduced in the 2nd half of season 3).


As for the storyline, if you’ve read the manga then you probably know that S4 of BNHA will follow the Internship Arc, the series longest story arc to date (in the Manga at least).

My Hero Academia Season 4 will air in Japan on October 2019.