Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 4.55 brings the love this Valentine’s Day


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    The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV Online has arrived, bringing with it new quests, enemies, and loot. We have a bevy of new info about upcoming plans for the game, so let’s dive in!

    First, the latest patch for FF XIV dropped on February 12th which leads up to the third expansion Shadowbringers coming in July. Patch 4.55 introduces a new campaign and the final chapter of the Eureka sidequest storyline. The final chapter of Eureka brings players to the region of Hydatos along with an increased level cap, new actions, and new gear. They will battle beasts aplenty on their way to The Baldesion Arsenal, a high-end public instanced dungeon that can be explored by up to 56 players together.

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    The patch also brings a new Rival Wings map “Hidden Gorge”; teams of 24 strike at each other’s base while also controlling train stations in the arena and fending off goblin mercenaries.

    In addition, through February 15th players can take part in the annual Valentine’s Day celebrations and activities. Many rewards are up for grabs this year including a Tonberry Knife.

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    Planned patches later in the year include new main scenario quests, a world visit system, and the climactic finale to the Stormblood storyline.

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    The content keeps flowing for Final Fantasy XIV. The planned collaboration with Final Fantasy XV, originally revealed at the FF XIV Fan Festival in Paris, will bring Noctis and his sweet ride, the Regalia, from Eos and into the world of Hydaelyn. The colloboration is set to release in mid-April.

    Check out the teaser below;

    All of this goodness comes in addition to the planned third expansion Shadowbringers which launches on July 2nd, 2019. The expansion is now available for pre-order from the Square Enix Store. Players who pre-order get to enjoy early access to Shadowbringers on June 28th (subject to change with the possibility of maintenance during this time), and they will be eligible to receive exclusive in-game items: the Baby Gremlin Minion, and the Aetheryte Earring.

    More details are coming at the Fan Festival in Tokyo on March 23rd and 24th, which can be streamed for free on Final Fantasy XIV’s official Twitch channel.

    Also, from now until May 3rd, Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition for PC is now free with Twitch Prime, and it includes 30 days of subscription time. Full details on the promotion are available at

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