Limited-edition GoT Single Malt Scotch Whisky line now available in the PH

Rep your fave house with sumptuous Scotch!

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Is the Johnnie Walker “White Walker” not enough Scotch for you? Well, good thing the limited-edition Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch collection is now available in the Philippines! Unlike the White Walker, these whiskies are Single Malts — meaning they should pack more intense and exquisite flavors than your standard blended Scotch.

Right now, four GoT Single Malts are available in the PH:

Up first is the “House Lannister” Lagavulin 9 year old. As an Islay Single Malt, the Lagavulin has an intense smoky flavor that’s recommended for more experienced Scotch drinkers. Also, it’s priced at PHP 12,349 — a price tag fit for a Lannister!


Next up is the “House Stark” Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost. Priced at PHP 6,799, the Single Malt has notes of honey with a spicy warmth, and it’s best served chilled or over ice.


Moving on, we have the “House Targaryen” Cardhu Gold Reserve, a Single Malt with a flavor profile that leans more on the sweet side. The Cardhu Gold Reserve has baked apple and rich caramel notes. This “Targaryen” Single Malt is priced at PHP 6,799.


Last but not the least is the “House Tully” Singleton of Glendullan. Also priced at PHP 6,799, the Singleton has notes of fruit, vanilla, and a bit of honey.

The four Single Malts are available now at, though if you want one you better got it now, the bottles are all available in limited quantity.