Saint Young Men live action series renewed for a 2nd and 3rd season

Perfecst if you haven't had enough of Buddha and Jesus' hijinks!

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Back in June the live action adaptation of the hit anime/manga series, Saint Young Men (Saint Onii-san), was announced; it soon aired in Japan last October. Much like the anime and manga, it seems that the live action series is a hit, so much so that it was recently announced that Saint Young Men is getting a second and a third season!

The announcement was made recently in the April edition of Morning two magazine by Kodansha. While seasons 2 and 3 are confirmed, no announcement has been made as to how many episodes each of them will receive.


In case you are unfamiliar, Saint Young Men follows Jesus and Buddha vacationing in Earth as roommates. Yes, that’s THE Jesus and Budda, which means the unlikely duo gets into all sorts of hijinks while sharing a flat in Tachikawa. The duo is played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama (Jesus) and Shota Sometani (Buddha).

The live-action series had 10 episodes, and it premiered on the new Piccoma TV streaming service in Japan last October 18.

Story via Anime News Network.