The first trailer for Violet Evergarden: The Movie is here!

Now that's some drop-dead gorgeous art!

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Announced back in July of last year, Violet Evergarden: The Movie has finally gotten its first official teaser trailer! While the trailer didn’t reveal much of the film’s plot, it did show us some absolutely gorgeous animation.

Watch the trailer here:

Not familiar with the Violet Evergarden anime? Well, the 13-episode anime aired earlier in 2018, and it was based on a light novel series of the same name. The series follows Violet Evergarden, a former soldier turned “Auto Memory Doll” — people who are tasked with transcribing a client’s thoughts and feelings into words.

The movie will take place after the events of the anime series, and will once again follow Violet on what appears to be another tear-jerking tale. The film will also be helmed by series director, Taichi Ishidate.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie will be released in Japan on January 2020. Before the film’s opening, Kyoto Animation will release a side story in theaters entitled Violet Evergarden Side-Story: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll. The side story will be released in select Japanese theaters this September.