This ‘Boss Frieza’ plushie is the perfect office companion for DBZ fans

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Did you know? According to a survey in Japan back in 2015, DBZ’s Frieza is one of the top anime characters people would like as a boss in work. Thanks to this, a suit-wearing Frieza not only became a popular sticker in LINE, Bandai has also created actual merch based on ‘Boss Frieza’

Introducing the ‘Boss Frieza’ plush toy:


Standing at 45cm, this Frieza plushie is a chibi-style version of the ever-popular DBZ villain, but in a suit perfect for a high-ranking ‘salaryman’! As a bonus, this Frieza plushie comes with his own keyboard which doubles as a wrist rest for office workers who are always on their computers.

This Boss Frieza plushie is the perfect companion for Dragon Ball fans! Sadly though, it seems like it’ll only be released in Japan. The plush toy Frieza will cost JPY 5616 (around USD $50 or PHP 2,620) and is available for pre-order at Premium Bandai to be shipped this August.

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Story: Comic Natalie via Anime News Network