Avengers: Endgame breaks box office records with 1.2 Billion opening weekend

The film also earned $17.9m in the Philippines!

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Most people expected Avengers: Endgame to break all kinds of box office records, after all, the film does conclude the epic 22-film strong Infinity Saga. But the film’s haul during its first weekend of screening worldwide exceeded everyone’s expectations!

For its opening weekend, Avengers: Endgame earned USD $1.2 Billion worldwide. Not only does this mean that Endgame is now the movie with the highest opening weekend box office; the previous record holder being Avengers: Infinity War with USD $640.5 million. This take also means that Endgame is the first-ever film to earn USD $1 Billion in just under a week.


To put its current box office take into perspective, Avengers: Endgame earned more than Captain America: Civil War and Captain Marvel during their entire cinema run. Aside from biggest worldwide opening weekend, Endgame also broke over 20 other box office records.

Of Endgame’s current worldwide gross, USD $859 million (around 2/3rds) were from International cinemas. Leading the film’s top International markets are China, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Also among the top International markets for Endgame is the Philippines at the 11th spot with USD $17.9 million. The Philippines is also Endgame’s biggest market in Southeast Asia as of the moment.

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