Pinoy Fighting Game ‘Bayani’ gets Early Access release on Steam this June

You can also download the game demo now!

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Following a successful Kickstarter campaign where it was able to meet its pledge goal, Filipino developer Ranida Games recently announced the release date for its new fighting game ‘Bayani‘. The Filipino mythology and history-inspired fighting game will be given an early access release on Steam starting this June 12, 2019.

The game is described by Ranida Games as:

“BAYANI is a 1-on-1 indie fighting video game that draws heavily from historical figures and landmarks from the Philippines as inspiration. However, the game’s characters, levels, and storyline don’t depict historical events but is more trivial in nature. The game world is set on an alternate timeline but has many parallels, references, and callbacks to historical figures and events.”

​As a game based on the Philippines’ rich culture, Bayani will feature eight playable characters who are all inspired by real-life Filipino historical figures. The roster of Bayani includes:

  • Joe (Jose Rizal)
  • Leon (Emilio Aguinaldo)
  • Tonio (Antonio Luna)
  • Dre (Andres Bonifacio)
  • Tsora (Melchora Aquino)
  • Rio (Apolinario Mabini)
  • Oria (Gregoria De Jesus)
  • Fernando (Ferdinand Magellan)

While the game will be available on June via early access, interested players can now download the game’s demo via the official website. The demo features four of the game’s eight playable characters.

Interested in supporting Bayani’s development? You can still pledge your support for the game at Kickstarter now. Doing so won’t just support the developers, you’ll also get Bayani goodies, as well as more game features if the campaign’s stretch goals are met.