Get started on streaming with the Live Streamer 311 package

An all-in-one package perfect for aspiring streamers!

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During Computex 2019, AverMedia revealed the Live Gamer BOLT, an external capture card that can record gameplay in 4K 60FPS. The said capture card is a great bet for content creators and for streamers, but if you’re just starting out, it might be a bit overkill. Good thing AverMedia also has the Live Streamer 311.

The Live Streamer 311 is an all-in-one package that’s perfect for gamers who want to get started on streaming. The package includes a Live Gamer MINI capture card, a webcam, and an external mic; with the Live Streamer 311, you’ll be able to try your hand on game streaming, provided you have a good PC and fast internet of course.

The Live Gamer MINI included in the box is a capture card that can record and pass through 1080p 60FPS gameplay. Best part is that it’s a small external capture card, meaning you can bring it everywhere you go; plus it’s a great fit for streaming console games too.



Completing the Live Streamer 311 package are the AM310 USB mic and the Live Streamer CAM 313. The Live Streamer 311 will be available in select markets this July, though there’s no word yet on PH availability. For AverMedia’s other capture cards though, you can check them out at select Datablitz branches in the Philippines.