Halo Infinite Official Launch Title for Xbox’s New Console Project Scarlett

    Master Chief is back!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Halo Infinite will be available as the official Xbox launch title alongside Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s newest console by Holiday 2020. 

    Unlike last year with a short announcement trailer revealing the helmet of beloved Master Chief, 343 Studios graced us with a meatier story trailer where we get a better look at the character himself. We are unsure where the scenes in this trailer take place within the actual game, but we did hear a Cortana voice over as well as see a broken Halo. Turns out, they have lost the war and have been floating around in space for quite some time while Master Chief was out of commission. 

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    This game will put the new console to the test with a boost in tech specs coupled with even more realistic graphic quality. Judging from this trailer things are already looking beautiful.

    What a way to round out Xbox’ press conference at E3 2019!

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    Kelly Faria
    Kelly Faria
    As a young Kokiri child, the creatures in the world of Hyrule used to give little Kelly nightmares. She would not go out at night so the haunted bones of unfortunate travelers wouldn't eat her. She uncovered a special sword and has been going on adventures for years. Recently she found a computer in her travels, now she writes for Ungeek.


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