New Xbox Console ‘Project Scarlett’ Revealed and is coming Next Year

XBox's entry for the next gen console wars has been revealed!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

One of the biggest announcements (maybe even THE BIGGEST)  made at the E3 XBox 2019 Briefing was the coming of their next Xbox Console AKA ‘Project Scarlett’. They released a video detailing the upcoming features of their nextgen console. Check it out here!

Project Scarlett seems to focus on increasing console performance to decrease loading times as much as possible. They also claim that this generation is gonna be a bigger leap than any generation they’ve done before.


Here’s a quick rundown of what was revealed about Project Scarlett:

  • Custom-designed AMD Processor
  • 4x more powerful than the XBox One X Processing-wise
  • High Bandwith GDDR6 memory
  • Framerates of up to a 120 frames per second
  • 8K Capability
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • NextGen Ray Tracing
  • Uses a new gen of SSD, using them as virtual RAM seeing 40x performance increases over the current gen

Games for Project Scarlett are already being made today and will even have the cross-platform feature. Project Scarlett launches on Holiday 2020… and, best of all, it comes with HALO INFINITE which was also announced at the end of the XBox 2019 Briefing!

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