Pokemon Sword and Shield is the BIGGEST evolution of the franchise yet

And we mean it literally!

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In last night’s Pokemon Direct, Nintendo revealed a ton of new info regarding the upcoming mainline series title, Pokemon Sword and Shield. While the game was announced back in February, it’s only now that we finally get a glimpse of actual gameplay, as well as a ton of new info. From what we’ve seen in the new trailer (and the whole ‘direct’), we’re mightily excited!

Watch the trailer for the game here:

The new trailer featured clips of actual gameplay, including exploration and combat. It also showed us a glimpse of the new Pokemon that’ll be introduced in the game, as well as the new region of Galar. Among all the stuff showcased in the trailer though, one thing in particular stood out, and that is Dynamax.

In specific areas of the Galar region, a special Pokemon phenomenon occurs called Dynamax. Pokemon from the Galar region are capable of Dynamaxing — basically becoming gigantic versions of themselves that gives a major power boost and special abilities.  Dynamaxing Pokemon adds another tactical layer in each battle, especially as a Pokemon can only retain its Dynamax form for three turns.

Aside from this cool new mechanic, Pokemon Sword and Shield will also feature a moveable camera (a first for the mainline series) when exploring the game world. As for the world, players will also be able to see actual Pokemon when roaming around! Plus, the Pokemon you encounter in the ‘Wild Area’ will change depending on weather.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will also feature a unique multiplayer game mode called ‘Max Raid Battles’. In these raids, four players team up to fight a wild Dynamax Pokémon. If a team manages to defeat the Dynamax Pokemon, they’ll have a chance to capture it.

Finally, there were a couple of new Pokemon were revealed in the game, though the most exciting new additions to the Pokedex are the new legendaries — Zacian and Zamazneta. As you may have guessed, Zacian wields a sword as a weapon while Zamazneta’s body is covered in a shield-like armor.

Can’t wait for Pokemon Sword and Shield? Good news is that it releases this year, specifically on November 15 on the Switch.

For more info about Pokemon Sword and Shield, head on over to the official Pokemon website.