Send cash to anyone ASAP with PSBank PaSend

No need for a bank account!

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Need to send someone cash ASAP? Or maybe you’re asking a friend to buy goodies for you at ToyCon? Whatever the cases, you can send money 24/7 with ease with PSBank’s PaSend service. With PaSend, PSBank account holders can send money to friends and family, even to those who don’t have a deposit/savings account of their own.

How does it work? Simple, users with PSBank savings accounts can use the PaSend service through the PSBank Mobile App. To us the service, users should select the “Pa-Send” option inside the app and input the following details:

  • PSBank source account
  • Amount to be sent/remitted
  • A one-time nominated 4-digit PIN for the specific PaSend request (PIN1)
  • Recipient’s full name and mobile number.

Once the request is approved, the recipient will receive a text message which includes a one-time system-generated 6-digit PIN (PIN2) together with the remittance amount. The recipient can then withdraw the amount at PSBank and Metrobank ATMs via the PaSend/Cardless Withdrawal option and inputting PIN1 and PIN2. Upon withdrawal of the amount, the sender will be notified instantly via SMS. 

A sender can send amounts in multiples of 100 with minimum set at Php 200 and maximum at Php 5,000 per transaction. For each transaction, the recipient must withdraw the amount in full. 

For more information on PaSend, visit PSBank’s official website.