OPPO’s “Waterfall Screen” is one of the most borderless displays yet

We can't wait to see this in OPPO's future flagship!

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OPPO is no stranger to borderless displays, just look at the mid-range F11 Pro and the flagship Reno 10x. Both these phones have screens with incredibly thin borders, making for immersive viewing experiences. But of course, OPPO is not stopping there as the brand recently revealed its new “Waterfall Screen” tech.

The Waterfall Screen from OPPO is new display tech that we should see in the brand’s future flagships. While the Find X’s Panoramic Arc Screen has a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8%, the Waterfall Screen is even more borderless. What’s more is that the Waterfall Screen has a deeper curve along its edges, making for an impressive-looking display. 

Display tech isn’t the only thing that OPPO is focusing on for its future flagship phones. OPPO is also one of the companies pushing for 5G connectivity with the brand making their first 5G phone call back in December of last year

There’s no phone with the Waterfall Screen yet, but the Reno series might be the next best thing from OPPO. Check out our review of the OPPO Reno 10x here:

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