9 Things We’re Dying to Get at the Lazada 9.9 Sale

Lazada's 9.9 sale is juuust around the corner. Must.TRY.To.Keep.Wallet.Away.

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Lazada’s big monthly sale is just around the corner, so most brands are jumping into the same day-same month sale that Lazada and a lot of other online shops started. I mean, we get it, it seems like a cash grab, but there are legitimate savings to be made and if you’re prudent enough, you can center your spending on these dates (so after Lazada’s 9.9 Sale, you may want to save for 10.10, 11.11 and the big one, 12.12).

We’ve had some experience with a previous sale of Lazada and thought of doing it again, but this time around we asked everyone from the team what they’re eyeing for the 9.9 Sale.

WATCH: Lazada Mid-Year Sale Massive Haul | HYPEGEEK

If you’re curious about what we picked or are just looking for some recommendations to make the most out of your shopping spree, then look no further. Here are 9 things we’re dying to get from the Lazada 9.9. Sale:

Young Americana Supply Shoe Tree


If you watched the video above, you might be surprised that I housed it under a different channel. That’s not a mistake. Aside from Ungeek, I’m currently pursuing my new-found love for sneakers (follow HypeGeek if you’re into that as well…subtle plug is subtle, lol) and part of my usual purchases are accessories to prolong the life of my massively growing collection. Young Americana Supply Shoe Trees cost Php 350 a pair but drops down to Php 150 during the 9.9 Sale. That’s more than 50% discount! I’m stocking up!

A Casio Time Piece for less than A Thousand



If you time things right, you can tick off your Christmas shopping without burning through a hole in your wallet. Big-event sales like these help. This particular Casio timepiece is a classic first watch that looks decent but doesn’t require you to spend much. In fact, currently, the watch costs less than Php 800 now, but it drops down to Php 500+ during the Lazada 9.9 sale! Christmas, it seems, just came in early!

Sturdy Gaming Mice for Less


My current mouse is dying (usual left click giving way) and I’m in dire need of a replacement. Here’s comes good ol’ trusty Logitech G502. A superbly affordable gaming mice that just got a better price deal cause of the sale.

My Funko Academia


Usually quick to sell out, we found a couple of My Hero Academia Funko Pops over at Hobbiestock. While the discount may not be as much as we want it to be, from experience, Hobbiestock usually packs your purchase with a couple of freebies. Last time we got ourselves free Funko Protector Sleeves! Hoping to get the kids from UA Highschool! PLUS ULTRA!

Salvador Dali Mask


Okay, we’re a bit late with the La Casa de Papel hype (Money Heist on Netflix) but we just finished binge-watching Season 2 and are still high on the Professor and his cohorts. Then, we saw this at Lazada! Instant Halloween costume – and for a song at that! For less than Php 130 pesos (and if you have a red jumpsuit conveniently lying around) you could relive the exploits of Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo and Berlin!

Colossal Capacity for a fraction of the cost


A 30,000mAh portable powerbank for less than 2000 pesos. If the offer seems, crazy, it’s because it kinda is. 30,000mAh can charge your flagship phone for an entire week and you’d still have enough left after. While there are a ton of powerbanks out there, we’ve come to trust Promate and their commitment in ensuring high quality products that are safe and crazy efficient.

Truly Wireless Buds for a Song? How does that Sound?


The JBL TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear gives you true wireless sounds regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. You can even take these guys swimming. YES! If you’re one of the few who wants to crush the water while cruising with some choice music (BGM: Free!) then this is definitely for you. You’re also going to be spending less than usual cause of the 9.9 sale, so, hooray on that!

Hydrate while you game!


Keep your body refreshed and cool with this hydro cannister from HydroFlask. Touted as capable of keeping your water cool for 24 hours or hot for 12, HydroFlask is dead serious about keeping you hydrated. So serious that aside from slashing off prices during 9.9 they have a whole lot of pre-order bonuses and 9.9 activities that effectively could lower the total cost even further.

Huawei Nova 5T Lazada Pre-Order is stacked AF!

We’ve unboxed it and talked about Huawei’s Flagship Killer, the Nova 5T for quite some time now. We also divulged the pre-order bonuses of the Kirin 980-powered mid-ranger. What we didn’t know is that the Lazada pre-order took it up a notch and added a whole lot of things aside from the Huawei speakers and a full year’s iFlix subscription.

For Lazada (and only until September 13, 2019), you also get an umbrella (perfect for the erratic weather we’re having), a 20,000 mah Huawei Powerbank with Quick Charge, and a Nova 5T case with tempered glass! All in all the pre-order freebies run a total of Php 4299 in value and then add the one year iFlix on top of the fact that the Huawei Nova 5T only cost Php 18,990 and you have one compelling smartphone over here.


Lazada usually takes in a huge number of orders once the clock strikes 12 so if you want to increase your chances of getting that deal that you want, we highly suggest putting everything on your cart as early as now! Just chug everything there – just make sure they have the 9.9 Sale Tag so when the clock strikes at 12 midnight on September 9, 2019, you’re able to buy the items that you want for less!

Want more discounts? Make sure to look at every (digital) nook and cranny for coupons and vouchers that would add more savings from the huge discount that will apply to the stuff from your cart. Or you can use your PayMaya and get an instant 99 Pesos off on your Lazada purchases and an Extra 99 Pesos cashback if you spend anywhere up of 999 online and in-store using your PayMaya account.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting legitimate materials, always be on the lookout for the sold by LazMall signaaand check the reviews. It’s there for a reason, people.

So, found anything interesting with our link? Do you have a list of your own? Share it with us in the comment section of this post. Happy shopping, people!