In Pictures | We Unbox The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition!

Definitely a step-up in quality from the base CE.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has proven to be one meaty and essential expansion that fans have been craving for since the original game. While all of us here agree in our review that you really should pick this one up, we really do hope that the more die-hard hunters out there upped their game by getting the definitive Master Edition.


Recently, we got our hands on this magnificent set (also comparing it with the original CE) and I have to say… I regret passing up on such a beautifully presented collection. By the overall components alone, it really trumps out the previous Nergigante Collector’s Edition. But don’t take our word for it, let the images speak for itself!


First up is the box, the cover is graced by the flagship monster Velkhana. The hunters are shown on the other side of the package.


The etching on the plate is similar to one in the box. We also get a nice postcard too.


Missing from the first CE is this wonderful steelbook. You can now place your original disc on a case fit for a real hunter.


A compilation of the game’s OST is included in one CD. You can now relish your carting moments on the go!


Similar to the original Collector’s Edition, an art book is included in the Master Edition that features all of the new and returning monsters, as well as rough images of weapons and armor that you can forge in the game.


Of course we are saving the best for last. This is perhaps the real reason why you are getting the Master Edition in the first place. Take a look at the game’s flagship monster – Velkhana in all its glory! I really like the icy colors here, the details really pop up much better here compared to the darker Nergigante.


Here’s a side by side comparison with Nergigante from the original Collector’s Ed. By height and wingspan alone Velkhana is definitely much more intimitading at glance, towering above our favorite spiky boi. For me though, the two monster’s compliment each other when displayed together, as the polarizing colors give that light and dark touch that doesn’t look monotonous.


How’s your experience with Monster Hunter: World so far? I hope you are enjoying the expansion as much as we have! Till next time and keep on gaming!

Special thanks to Kirsten Ramos and Aljan James Mendoza for providing the Master Edition.


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