MU Origin 2 New PH Server, Magic Gladiator, and Ongoing Event Review

    Wield both sword and magic and raid bosses with the new Magic Gladiator


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Authorized by Webzen and developed by TianMa, MU Origin 2 is published by Ourpalm. And the game just received a huge update recently that delivered tons of new content to explore and foes to fight. But perhaps one of it’s biggest highlight is the addition of the Magic Gladiator (ang Mahiwagang Gladyador in Filipino), a new character that is now ready to lend his strength to players. But first, let’s take a look at what this magical swordie has to offer.

    Wielding both sword and magic, the Magic Gladiator is capable of switching between physical and magical damage to decimate enemies. With 8 different skills, the Magic Gladiator can inflict different kinds of status effects such as immobilize and kindle. But one of his most powerful abilities is the Bloody Storm that summons magical swords that deal massive damage and recovers the Magical Gladiator’s HP. However the Magic Gladiator can only be unlocked when the player has at least one character that is level 120 or above, so if you wish to play as this magical swordsman you better be ready to grind.

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    Defending on what kind of weapon he is wielding, whether it’s a ATK weapon or MAG weapon. Here are the Magic Gladiator for ATK weapons:

    Sky Thunder FlashUnleash several lightning balls, dealing minor damage to targets within certain area ahead.
    Whirl SlashWields the weapon while spinning and slashing so fast that wind pressure is generated, dealing minor damage to targets within a certain area.
    Universe Cross SwordUnleases a cross shape slash to nearby ground with self as center, dealing high damage and slowing enemies.
    Fire Sword StrikeCharges ahead with weapon in hand, dealing medium damage to enemies on the path and Immobilizing them.
    Fire BloodDetonates the curse of blood, dealing Kindle damage to nearby enemies and increasing self ATK during Fire blood period.
    IcicleSlashes ahead with the Force of Ice, dealing damage to targets within a certain ahead and applying slow effect.
    Arcane Moon SlashSlashes forward with sowrd and leaves a crescent sword afterglow, dealing massive damage to targets within a certain area and stunning them.
    Bloody StormSummons magical claymore that scatters and falls to attack nearby targets ahead, dealing massive damage and applying HP recovery effect.
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    Meanwhile, here are the skills of Magic Gladiator (MAG) Weapons:

    Palm ThunderUnleash several lightning from his palms, dealing minor damage to targets within certain area ahead.
    Flame of DestructionConcentrates the force of fire to generate a scorching eddy around him, dealing minor damage to targets within a certain area.
    Ground Prison SpellColumns of earth prison emerge around Duel Master, dealing damage and Immobilizing enemy.
    Illusion BeamMoves in extremely high speed, generates afterglows shadow and charges ahead, dealing damage to enemies on the path.
    Dark FlameBursts out of Force of Darkness, dealing minor damage to targets within a small area nearby and Stunning them for a sort time. Duel Masters also gains Excellency Bonus effect.
    HellfireDetonates the flame, dealing moderate damage to targets withing area, and gain ATK Up effect.
    ConflagrationChannels the flame of stars, dealing massive damage over time to targets within a certain area ahead.
    Headtop LightningChannels the thunderclap to blast targets within a certain area nearby, dealing massive damage and Stunning targets for a short time.
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    Since Pinoy MUtizens really love the game, MU Origin 2 also now supports Filipino language, meaning it is now even more accessible for any and every Pinoy mobile gamer! Localization is definitely a great thing, as it’ll let a lot more players try out this awesome mobile game for themselves, especially with its new update.

    The game also has a bunch of new features like the Star Destiny tower mode where in-game couples can raid this special tower together; but do note that only couples can enter this special place.

    Into the Abyss: Darknight Wave Witch and Phantom Prince

    If you think you are tough enough, you can venture to the new map Abyssal Realm: Goddess Cape and Tahm Temple. There players can challenge the new bosses Darknight, Wave Witch, and Phantom Prince.

    Also, only available for Philippine players is a special item called Palm Leaf that will drop during September 5-18 after defeating monsters. This item gives bonus experience points for party members of each Magic Gladiator by 1%, and it can also be exchanged for rewards during the event period as the item says.

    With this new update that is packed with new and exciting features (especially the new Magic Gladiator), MU Origin 2 just became even better! Now is definitely a great time to join in on the hype, or maybe return to the game if you’ve played it before.

    Want to play MU Origin 2? Go download the game for free now here:, and follow the game’s official Facebook fanpage.

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