Upcoming Monster Rancher Port gets a new (old-school) trailer!

This will take you back a bit.

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Tokyo Game Show 2019 might be the venue for upcoming cult-of-the-new games, but Koei Tecmo took a step back for the better as they just released the first trailer for the Monster Rancher and what it will look like on the Nintendo Switch.


Well based on the teaser… It looks… Exactly as it should 2 decades ago! Though of course now this looks archaic and blocky (to say the very least), but in this day and age maybe old-school even curious gamers out there might want this kinda thing.

As we previously reportedMonster Rancher will incorporate some form of custom CD database to access virtual versions of existing physical CDs that were originally used back in the PlayStation One days to spawn monsters. Although there’s no idea on how exactly we can utilize the mechanic, its still good to know that they are at least keeping the old feel around, to some some extent.

Monster Rancher will head to Japan for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch later this year. We have yet to hear an international release, stay tuned!


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