Here’s what went down last weekend at Cosplay Mania 2019!

It was definitely a treat for anime and cosplay fans!

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Last weekend, Cosplay Mania 2019 happened at the SMX Convention Center in the Mall of Asia complex, and boy was it an awesome event for cosplayers and anime fans. If you went to the event like we did, you’ll definitely agree! If not, well here are all the cool stuff that you missed:

Creative Cosplay

First and foremost, Cosplay Mania is an event dedicated to cosplayers, and they did not disappoint! Roaming the halls of SMX, you’ll be treated to some creative cosplays of characters from your favorite anime and movies!

Above is just a quick look at some of the highlight cosplays we saw. For more, check out our quick feature here:


Cosplay Mania 2019 Cosplay highlights | Nailing it for Another Year


Merch Madness

Aside from cosplay, the event was filled to the brim with cute collectibles and figures, making it THE event for avid anime merch collectors. The merch at Cosplay Mania weren’t just enjoyed by buyers though, lots of figures were on display for everyone to enjoy.

Check out all the great merch we saw at Cosplay Mania here:

Cosplay Mania is Heaven for Anime Merch Collectors!


Awesome Activities

Once you’ve had your fill of cosplay and figs, Cosplay Mania also had lots of booths with fun activities. Booths at the event include Quantum where arcade games are free-to-play; there’s also the Moonton booth where Mobile Legends fans were able to get their hands on awesome freebies. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Great Guests

Finally, Cosplay Mania 2019 drew lots of big-name guests that delighted Pinoy anime fans in attendance. Some of the guests include renowned voice actors such as Motoko Kumai and Rumi Okubo; Japanese musicians such as AsakaIchigo Rinahamu, May’n, and Myth & Roid; cosplayers BoiledCurry, Rea Kami; and many more!

With Cosplay Mania 2019 in the books, we definitely can’t wait for the next one!