The PlayStation 5 launches in Holiday 2020

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    Last April, Sony confirmed that the next-gen PlayStation console will be backwards-compatible with the PS4. What Sony didn’t share though is the release date for the new console, until now that is.

    Sony finally confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be released in Holiday 2020; and yes, it’s officially called the PlayStation 5. Alongside the confirmation of the new console’s release date, Sony also went into detail about the new controller that will ship with the PS5.

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    According to PlayStation blog post, the new PS5 controller will “deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games.” This will be done through two key innovations — haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

    The new controller’s haptics will offer a wider range of feedback, meaning individual games’ rumble will feel different. As for adaptive triggers, the PS5 controller’s L2/R2 triggers will have a programmable resisatnce; this means that players can feel the tactile sensation of in-game actions such as drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating a vehicle.

    With these new innovations, coupled with the fact that the console will pack powerful hardware that support ray-tracing, we’re definitely excited for the PS5 to release next year. For more info on the PS5, check out WIRED’s exclusive feature.

    Sony confirms that the PS5 is backwards-compatible with PS4 games

    Story via the PlayStation Blog.

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