Hideo Kojima now has 2 Guinness World Records

An achievement fit for a boss.

Just in time after the world release of probably the most anticipated game this year, over the weekend, Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima received not one, but two Guinness World Record awards.

Recently announced on his official English Twitter account, Kojima Production’s “Big Boss” got the accolade for being the most followed game director on 2 social media accounts – both on Twitter and Instagram.


Photo Credit: Nmia

Hideo Kojima is widely known to use the platforms mentioned as a developer’s diary of sorts as well as share some fun moments for the followers from time to time.

Death Stranding is out now for the PlayStation 4, here’s our spoiler-free review of the game. Also, for those who are (or will be going) in Singapore this November 17, Hideo Kojima’s World Strand Tour will have its next stop there. Check this link for more details.