Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Hideo Kojima now has 2 Guinness World Records

An achievement fit for a boss.

Latest Nintendo Switch Update Adds Video Capture and Save Data Transfer

The New 4.0.0 update adds a lot of features that the fans have been waiting for.

Final Fantasy XV Day 1 “Crown Update” gives more Content and...

Due to additional development time, Square Enix introduces further enhancements to FFXV with the Day 1 "Crown Update" patch - featuring gameplay improvements, new cutscenes, and more to provide you with a much deeper game experience.

Final Fantasy XV Copies Being Leaked Out in the World Ahead...

Final Fantasy XV won’t be out for another week. But some of our our friendly local video game stores around the world are selling unauthorized copies of the game, way ahead of it's intended release date.
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