Kojima Productions Merch Galore at the World Strand Tour 2019 in SG!

"Hurt me more" - wallet

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The Death Stranding: World Strand Tour 2019 is in full swing right now, and it’s currently stopping by in Singapore. While we will be having a proper breakdown on what went down during the 1-day event, I really think it would be fitting that we feature something more specific for the die-hard collector… Namely, all the cool merch on offer!

Last ESGS 2019, the good folks at Kojima Productions were kind enough to set up shop again at premiere gaming event in the metro (we featured it here). Here at the World Strand Tour though, it is to be expected that they will definitely up the caliber this time. Check out all the cool merch on sale here:

Look at all these Ludens!

Pins and Keychains!

A mug for your Monster Energy!

Show off your Death Stranding fandom with these T-Shirts!

More T-Shirts!

We guarantee a stamina boost while wearing this cap!

Here are the merch prices in SGD.

Whew! I can already hear my wallet say “Hurt me more!”, but what can a fanboy do but drool at all the neat stuff, right?

For a more detailed look on what happened here at Singapore, we got you covered here! Death Stranding is available now for the PlayStation 4 with a PC release to follow. Still on the fence in getting the game? Here’s what we think in our detailed, spoiler-free review.