Ubisoft confirms that more K-pop songs are coming to Just Dance!

They also address the different K-pop choreography in-game.

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Just Dance 2020 is out now, and if you haven’t heard, there are a couple of popular K-pop songs part of the game’s track list — specifically TWICE’s Fancy and BlackPink’s Kill This Love. This means that K-Pop fans now have even more reason to get the game.

Given how popular K-Pop is in the Philippines (and worldwide as well), we just had to ask Ubisoft if there’s more to come. Good thing we got a chance to do so! At our Rainbow Six Pro League Finals coverage yesterday, I got to have a quick chat with Ubisoft Asia Managing Director Steve Miller.

While it was a Rainbow Six event, I nevertheless asked if we’ll see more K-Pop in Just Dance, and his answer was great news:

Absolutely! K-Pop is huge, not only in our region, but also popular/trendy in the west as well. So yeah, Ubisoft is happy to get more K-Pop [songs], not because it will help sales just in Asia, but also because it’s going to help make the game popular around the world. And I’m a big fan too! So hopefully more and more [K-Pop songs] will be added, can’t have enough K-Pop!

Miller being a K-Pop fan himself was definitely quite a surprise! And while this is great news for K-Pop fans, not everyone was happy with the choreography of the tracks in Just Dance (just look at the YouTube comments and the shares on our own post). In Just Dance 2020, the dance for Fancy is quite different from the actual choreography. Check it out here:

In our chat, Miller also addressed this difference in choreography:

Yes, the choreography isn’t exactly like the choreography in the videos. Yes, it’s a shame. Probably the biggest reason for that has to do with restrictions on the content that we are allowed to reproduce. [Specifically] the content that our rights allow us to reproduce. For instance, some artists, we were not allowed to completely copy what they do in the video.  We tried to use the iconic dance moves, but we’re not always allowed to replicate the whole choreography.

So there you have it, the dances are not 1:1 because of content rights. Though with Ubisoft’s guarantee of putting more K-Pop songs in Just Dance, there’s hope that future K-Pop songs in-game will get more accurate dances to their real-life counterparts.

For more info on the tracks in Just Dance 2020, check out our quick feature here:

TWICE’s Fancy is part of the Just Dance 2020 track list