[Day 8] Win a Barkada Anime Screening of Lupin III: The First | UG Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019

Start 2020 Right with a Barkada Anime Screening!

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Merry Christmas, one and all! We hope that you had a great time celebrating the Holidays with your friends and loved ones. Now, let’s get back to the UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway! Welcome to DAY 8 and this special giveaway is for our anime-loving readers which is brought to us by the lovely people of PIONEER FILMS!


In a previous article, we reported on the upcoming release of Lupin III: The First in select PH cinemas on January 2020. Now, we’re doing a Barkada Anime Screening Giveaway where one (1) lucky winner will be getting a total of five (5) movie passes to see Lupin III: The First. That’s right! One lucky person will get to bring 4 of his/her friends to the movie screening of Lupin III: The First next year to start off 2020 right!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The winner won’t just be getting tickets. Pioneer Films will also be giving some surprise anime merch for the winner and his/her barkada!


Prize Details

In summary, here’s what’s up for grabs in today’s giveaway. One (1) Winner will recieve the following:

  • Five (5) Movie Passes for Lupin III: The First
    • Redeemable in any of the selected cinemas within Metro Manila
  • Bonus Anime Merchandise from Pioneer Films


How To Join

You need to do the following to join and get a chance to be the lucky winner to get the prizes mentioned above:

  1. LIKE the UnGeek Facebook Page
  2. SUBSCRIBE to the UnGeek YouTube Channel and Click the Bell Icon
  3. LIKE the Anime Movies Philippines Facebook Page
  4. LIKE this Facebook Post and COMMENT by TAGGING FOUR (4) friends and tell us either (a) what you guys love most about Lupin III or (b) what your favorite Lupin III moment is! Be sure to use the hashtags #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019 and #UGG2019Day8
    • i.e. “@Mario @Luigi @Peach @Toad, Time to join so we can watch one of our our favorite animes of all time on the big screen! We’ve always loved the dynamic between Lupin, Fujiko, Goemon, and Jigen. While they are usually silly, they often have some really nice and hearty moments together. #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019 #UGG2019Day8″
  5. SHARE THIS POST on your Facebook timeline and invite others to join!
    • Be sure to set your post privacy to PUBLIC
    • Use the hashtag #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019
  6. Be sure to do these steps on or before 11:59pm December 30, 2019 to qualify

Things to Note

  1. The winner will be determined randomly
  2. Shipping of the prize will happen on January 2020
  3. This giveaway is open to anyone residing and/or has a valid shipping address within Metro Manila, Philippines. Otherwise, your entry will become invalid and any prize won will be raffled off once again.
    • An alternative would be that you are willing to have the prize shipped to a Metro Manila address if you win
  4. Members of UnGeek and Pioneer Films will not be allowed to join this promo.
  5. A participant may submit multiple entries (when applicable) however he/she can only win once for the entire UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019 duration. Meaning, once you are selected as a winner for any of the UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019 Days, you will not be eligible to win the prizes of the other days
  6. UnGeek reserves the right to disqualify anyone, even declared winners, in the event of misrepresentation on the part of the participant (i.e. The participant can’t pick up the prize, etc)
  7. Any entry submitted with a picture and/or caption depicting offensive / improper / inappropriate material (includes but is not limited to nudity, sexual content, and hateful language) shall disqualify the participant from the giveaway
  8. All winners will be contacted via Facebook post & direct message to inform them of when they can claim their prize.
  9. Contest winners must present a valid ID to claim their prize.
  10. In case the contest winner/s cannot be physically present to receive the prize, we will allow a proxy to receive the package in their stead
  11. Proxies are required to submit a signed letter of consent as well as present valid ID’s (proxy’s as well as contest winner’s) as proof.
  12. In the event that the winner/s of the contest fail to collect their prize by February 28,2019 due to invalid/falsified delivery address/invalid information given to UnGeek), UnGeek reserves the right to dispose of the prize in whatever way they deem fit.


As always, stay tuned as Day 9 comes tomorrow!