Smell both ways with this Ranma 1/2 perfume collection

What a haul!

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If you know me, my favorite anime of all time is Rumiko Takahashi’s gender-bending, martial-arts masterpiece Ranma 1/2. Its light-hearted comedy combined with its ridiculous action sequences really made a memorable mark for me up to this day. Even now I still collect merchandise when I can, especially when they opened a limited-time Ranma cafe in Japan.

Recently, a listing of a Ranma 1/2 Perfume Collection on Amazon Japan was reported by, showcasing a line of scents based on iconic characters from the manga/anime. Take a look at the gallery below:

The featured character scents are Ranma (both boy and girl-type), Shampoo and Akane, with the last two looking to be in cologne form. I am definitely not an expert when it comes to scents, but the smell seems to tie-in with the character, as with our boy Ranma for example:



Based on the rough translation, the scent has hints of bamboo and jasmine. On the notes alone I would think that they were really aiming for something close as the cursed spring of Jusenkyo, perhaps? I think that’s a bit of a stretch but in any case, I’m still intrigued on how they smell!

The entire perfume collection can be purchased on Amazon Japan now. The perfumes cost around $25 USD while the cologne is approximately $15 USD.


Now why is not thee character Colonge made into, well, a cologne!




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