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SEGA Company of Heroes 3

    Ubisoft and Mineski global announces Rainbow Six Operation League in SEA

    As promised, Ubisoft is expanding R6 Siege to SEA!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Back in November 2019 at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season X Finals in Japan, we got to talk to Ubisoft Asia’s Managing Director, and he promised that Ubisoft plans to expand in SEA very soon. Well, Ubisoft definitely delivered in that regard!

    Ubisoft and Mineski Global recently announced the Rainbow Six Operation League Season 1, and it’s the first-ever Rainbow Six: Siege tournament in SEA!

    Ubisoft, together with Mineski Global, is proud to announce the launch of RAINBOW SIX OPERATION LEAGUE MY/SG/PH/ID…

    Posted by Mineski Events Team – MET Events on Monday, February 17, 2020

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    This event is a new SEA league that will feature R6 Siege teams from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia who will compete for the lion’s share of a USD 10,000 prize pool. Best part is, this league will be open for everyone, with open qualifiers set to happen in each participating country this March.

    If you and your squad are avid Rainbow Six: Siege players, you should definitely participate. While Ubisoft and Mineski Global have yet to reveal the final open qualifier dates, expect an announcement soon at the MET Events page.

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    This upcoming Rainbow Six SEA tournament isn’t just a one-off event, it is also part of Ubisoft’s push for a more regionalized esports program for R6 Siege.


    Rainbow Six Siege Esports Revamp

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    While the Rainbow Six Pro League Season XI has the same format as the previous 10 seasons, the Season XI Pro League Finals happening in Sao Paolo, Brazil in May will herald the start of a new era for the game. After Season XI, the Pro Legaue will transform into a more regionalized series which will involve and develop teams from even more regions all over the world.

    While there will still be Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific regions, each will now have more divisions and/or participating teams. Each region’s league will also feature a new and in-depth point system, which will reward the most consistent teams. This is unlike the current format where each regional league has a playoff bracket system.

    Another big change is that instead of having two seasons every calendar year, the next Pro League will instead have one big “Season” that features a Major in the first three quarters (with each Major featuring the four best teams from each region). The fourth quarter of the new R6 Siege esports “Season” will have the Six Invitational, and it will be the culminating event of the year.

    Basically, instead of having two Pro League Finals and the Six Invitational every year as the big R6 Siege events, there will be three Majors and the Six Invitational — which will serve as the biggest R6 Siege tourney of the year.

    For more information on the revamped Rainbow Six esports program, visit:

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