Kojima Productions teases a new project, possibly a new Silent Hill game

Please be Silent Hill!

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Back in November, Hideo Kojima posted a Tweet which hinted that he might be working on a new horror game. Now, it seems that a horror game might actually be on the pipeline for Kojima, but not just any horror game though; Kojima Productions might be working on a new Silent Hills game.

Recently, Kojima Productions announced that Jay Boor is now the Global Head of Marketing and Communications for the company. The announcement of Boor’s new position in KojiPro prompted fans to ask what happened to Aki Saito (the KojiPro Head of Communications).

Well, he’s still very much with the company. In fact, he posted an update on the Kojima Productions Twitter:

Saito’s statement opens with “Sorry to be silent everyone…”, definitely a curious choice of words, prompting fans to speculate that he just dropped a hint that a new Silent Hill game is coming.

Fans didn’t base their speculations on just the word silent though; if you zoom in to the image Saito posted, here’s what you’ll see:

The pencil reads “PYRAMID” and the notepad shows the words “Next Week“, pretty strong clues that a Silent Hill game announcement is coming this week (given that the tweet was published last Friday).

Of course, this is all just speculation from fans. In fact, it might even be just Kojima Productions trolling fans who have long clamored for a Silent Hill game following the cancellation of Silent Hills. What we do know for certain is that Kojima Productions is announcing something very soon.