Monster Hunter World is available for free to PS Plus subscribers starting today!

Get it now!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Hey there gamers! Hope y’all are doing well and fighting this NCOV crisis we the whole world is facing in your own, awesome way… Yes, even just by staying at home and practicing safety precautions, you are doing a big part in flattening the curve we are dealing. Good thing we gamers are no strangers in the great indoors, right?

Now, for those who are toughing it out at home, you might want to check out the recent post made by PlayStation Asia over Facebook.

Yes you read that right! Capcom’s biggest-selling game of all time, Monster Hunter World will be finally available FOR FREE! You just have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus this month to grab the deal! But be quick, because the game will only be available during a limited time from March 18 to April 21!


I guess now is a good time than ever to go back into the hunt. For those still on the fence on trying the game out, here’s our reviews for both the base game and its expansion – Iceborne, which can be purchased separately. Happy hunting and be safe out there (or in there).

A new world awaits!

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