Razer converts select manufacturing lines to produce surgical masks for medical frontliners

Nice one, Razer!

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With more and more COVID-19 cases being reported worldwide, demand for surgical masks is surging worldwide, though there might not be enough supply to meet demand. With that in mind, gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer recently announced that it is producing surgical masks that will be donated to medical frontliners worldwide.

The news was announced recently by Razer CEO himself, Min-Liang Tan via a post on his Instagram. His post stated that select Razer manufacturing lines have been converted by a team of designers and engineers to make surgical masks instead of gaming accessories.


Razer’s plan is to manufacture up to 1 millions surgical masks and donate them to health authorities in various countries all over the world. For this project, Razer has already started coordinating with Singaporean health authorities (as Razer SEA HQ is located in the said country).

The move by Razer is definitely a great gesture, especially as medical frontliners are now in dire need of surgical masks to protect them from COVID-19 and other diseases. What’s more is that Min-Liang Tan has promised that Razer will take even more steps to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.

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