Save more than your PlayStation’s HDD Space with Seagate’s Game Drive Promo!

100GB game requirement? EZ!

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If you’re still rocking a PlayStation 4 Slim with a 500GB hard drive, you may want to invest on another hard drive to keep all your games intact. And what better way to that than with an officially licensed PlayStation External Hard drive c/o Seagate, the world leader in data storage.

Their PlayStation 4 Game Drive much needed storage spaces especially with the upcoming highly anticipated titles in months to come! Final Fantasy 7 Remake, for instance, is reported to have about 100 Gigs worth of data and if you’re still using a 500GB unit, that’s already 1/5 of your entire disc space. Ouchie.

Great thing Seagate made it much more enticing to get a Game Drive nowadays. When we first reported about the Seagate PS4 Game Drive, the 2TB version was priced at Php 5,990. Now, you can get a Seagate PS4 Game Drive for just Php 4,350!

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Plus, if you purchase a Seagate Game Drive from March 5 to April 15, 2020, you can get more than just being able to save your much loved games on a bigger drive.

For every purchase of a Seagate PlayStation 4 Game Drive, you can either get a 200 Peso SM Gift Certificate or a $10 USD worth of PSN if you opted for the whopping 4TB Drive (conveniently priced at Php 7,300). They also have various activities lined up on key weekends starting tomorrow (March 6, 2020) where you can win various Seagate goodies like bags, cellphone keys and the more!

Best to head over to the various participating stores (Sony PlayStation Store, Data Blitz, Game Line, Game One Tech, Game Gizmo) and secure your Seagate PlayStation Game Drive now.

For more information, please check Seagate’s Official Facebook Page or read the Official Terms and Conditions here.

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