ASUS ROG shows off its new ‘Electro Punk’ Strix G15 and gaming peripherals

We're loving this new colorway!

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ASUS’ new ROG gaming laptop lineup for 2020 is certainly impressive, especially the Zephryus Duo, the first ROG dual-screen gaming laptop. Though the Zephyrus Duo wasn’t the only new device that made an impression on us, another is the new “Electro Punk” Strix G15 and its accompanying peripherals.

Electro Punk seems to be ASUS’ follow-up to last year’s ROG PNK LTD peripheral lineup, with both collection’s featuring pink as colors. Though unlike the PNK LTD line’s more pastel pink, the Electro Punk series has a brighter pink color.

First up we have the Strix G15 in Electro Punk, it features a primarily black color that’s complemented by bright pink accents. This black and pink color combo makes for quite a unique and eye-popping look that’s sure to make it stand out.

The Strix G15 isn’t just a pretty laptop though, it’s also quite powerful. Under the hood, the ROG Strix G15 Electro Punk packs a 10th gen Intel Core processor, up to an RTX 2060 GPU, and up to a 240Hz display.

As for the peripherals, we have the ROG Impact II gaming mouse and a large mouse mat, both of which come with the same black and bright pink color combo.

Next, we have an ROG Electro Punk gaming keyboard.

Finally, we have the ROG Strix Go Core Electro Punk Gaming Headset.

According to ASUS, each Electro Punk Strix G15 will include a 35 x 17-inch Electro Punk mouse pad. Meanwhile, certain regions will get bundles of coordinating peripherals that include ROG Strix Go Core Electro Punk Headset, ROG Impact II gaming mouse, and an ROG Ranger backpack, all in the new Electro Punk color scheme.

ASUS is yet to announce if and when the laptop and the Electro Punk bundle will be released in the Philippines. There’s also no word yet on whether or not the Electro Punk peripherals will be available for purchase individually.