Datablitz launches digital store that sells digital game and wallet codes

    Here's a new place to get all your digital gaming needs!


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    Great news gamers! While all of its physical stores in the Philippines are currently closed due to the enhanced community quarantine, Datablitz has recently launched its new digital store. At the new online store of Datablitz, gamers can get their hands on select PC game codes, as well as digital wallet codes for various platforms such as the PlayStation Network, Nintendo E-Shop, Steam, and many more.

    Right now, gamers can buy the following codes at the Datablitz digital store:

    • PlayStation Network Digital Codes
      • In SGD, HKD, and USD
    • Xbox Live Digital Codes
    • Nintendo E-Shop Digital Codes
    • Steam Wallet Digital Codes
    • iTunes Digital Codes
    • Google Play Digital Codes
    • EA Digital Codes
    • Amazon Digital Codes
    • Razer Gold Digital Codes
    • Blizzard Digital Codes
    • Roblox Digital Codes
    • Game Time/Subscription Digital Codes
    • PC Digital Keys
      • Resident Evil 3 PC Digital Key
      • Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition PC Digital Key

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    For payment, users will be able to purchase digital codes via the following options:

    • PayPal Checkout
    • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and UnionPay
    • Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and UnionPay
    • Bank Deposit (Over-the-Counter): Metrobank, BDO and BPI
    • Online Fund Transfer (Online Fund Transfer): Metrobank, BDO and BPI

    Once the item has been paid for, the digital code will be sent to the user via email. Interested buyers are not required to create an account to buy codes at the Datablitz digital store.

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    Start shopping for digital codes now at

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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