UPDATE: Datablitz and iTECH stores in the Philippines are closed for the quarantine — here are some alternatives

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    (Updated to reflect the enhanced community quarantine)

    With the entire island of Luzon under enhanced community quarantine now underway to contain the coronavirus outbreak, all major mall operators in the region have announced that malls will be closed, except for supermarkets, banks, and other essential establishments. This means even video game retailers will be close during the community quarantine.

    In line with this, major game retailers such as Datablitz and i.TECH have announced that their physical stores in Luzon will be closed during the quarantine. The establishments have also stated alternative ways for gamers to buy games during the quarantine period.

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    Posted by DataBlitz on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

    According to Datablitz, all their Luzon branches are now closed due to the enhanced community quarantine. Meanwhile, Visayas and Mindanao stores (except for Cagayan de Oro) will remain open.

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    Advisory:Hi Everyone, we just want to give you an update that as of today, in compliance with the Enhanced Community…

    Posted by DataBlitz on Friday, March 20, 2020

    Visayas and Mindanao branches of Datablitz are all now closed as well.

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    As for users who pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New Horizons via Datablitz, they will be given PHP 500 gift certificates each. Datablitz also said that the pre-ordered copies of Animal Crossing will be released once the community quarantine is lifted.


    We sincerely apologize everyone, but we've done what we can. Unfortunately, Enhanced Community Quarantine will cease all…

    Posted by i.TECH – Philippines on Monday, March 16, 2020

    Meanwhile, all i.TECH stores in Luzon will also be closed. While i.TECH initially stated that pre-ordered titles will be delivered via courier services, the deliveries have now been suspended in light of the new enhanced community quarantine announcement. Visayas i.TECH stores meanwhile, will continue operations.

    @Edit.Physical stores in Visayas have also closed until further notice.

    Posted by i.TECH – Philippines on Monday, March 16, 2020

    i.TECH’s Visayas operations have also stopped now due to the enhanced community quarantine.

    The store advises that buyers who pre-ordered games should get in touch with the official i.TECH Facebook page for more info.

    [ADVISORY]Here is an update regarding orders made thru our online stores. Please be advised.If you have any…

    Posted by Game One PH on Monday, March 16, 2020

    As for Game One PH (i.TECH’s affiliate online store), the establishment has announced that deliveries will no longer continue given the enhanced community quarantine announcement.


    Buying Console Games Digitally

    Unlike with PC games which can be easily bought online, console games can be a bit of a hassle to digitally in the Philippines, especially as Philippine credit cards are not accepted in the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop. Fortunately, there are ways to get digital cards without leaving the safety of your home.

    In some Lazada stores for example (such as PH-GM), you can buy PSN Digital Cards for SG, HK, and US PSN accounts. There are also Nintendo eShop cards available at the said store. How they work is that instead of shipping a physical card to your address, the store will instead send buyers a code online which can be used to redeem the card to your account’s wallet.

    There are a number of stores in Lazada or Shopee that sell digital cards for the PSN and the Nintendo eShop, so make sure to read user reviews to check if they’re legit. As for payment, most shops should take credit/debit cards, as well as GCash and other online payment options.

    Aside from Lazada/Shopee, there area also various websites that sell digital PSN/Nintendo eShop cards such as and

    (Last updated: March 20, 2020 – 5:00pm)

    Ready to buy games online to keep you occupied during the community quarantine? Here are five games that we recommend you check out:

    Here are five games to play during the Metro Manila ‘Lockdown’

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