Get awesome collectibles and help save lives with Gariath Concept’s ‘Care Crate’ benefit auction

    Gamers got Game!


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    Gariath Concepts, the Philippine events company that has brought you monumentally successful geek and video game events like Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) and the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), the biggest video gaming event that happens in the Philippines year-in, year-out, is asking all you geeks and gamers for your help in the fight against COVID-19. And aside from staying indoors, you can help via a monetary donation, but with a geeky twist.

    Gariath is hosting a series of fun geeky auctions called CARE CRATE! In Care Crate, gaming peripherals, devices, collectibles, and toys that are up for auction to anyone who comes to the Gariath Facebook Page and bids during the following dates: April 8-10 (Wave 1), April 12-14 (Wave 2) and April 15-17 (Wave 3). All proceeds will be donated to various organizations that are out there fighting this dreaded disease.

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    While the First Wave is already done, you can join in on the 2nd and 3rd ones. Branded partners like ASUS, MSI, Lenovo, POPS by Comic Odyssey and various concerned individuals have pooled resources to offer great deals on great finds and giving you the ability to help others in the process.

    Some of the quirky ones we saw during the first wave is this X-Men #1-11 print all the way back in the 90’s! I mean, this is some classic Jim Lee work here guys!

    Equally fun is this Metal Gear Solid Rex and even a brand new iPhone X (which was sold for just under Php 31,000)!

    There’s bound to be more for Waves 2 and 3, and we here at UnGeek are going to be part of that! Yup! We sent Gariath a couple of goodies and exclusives that you may want to check (especially if you’re a fan of NBA 2K20 hint hint).

    So best to stay tuned to the page, give the guys from Gariath a LIKE and FOLLOW and be sure to ready those bids starting this Sunday, April 12!

    Let’s show people what gamers can do!

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