The Top 7 songs from the original Final Fantasy 7 Soundtrack

The whole soundtrack is incredible, but here are our top picks!

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With the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release just a few days away, we here at UnGeek took a look back at the game that started it all, the original FF7 for the PlayStation. The original FF7 for the PlayStation is definitely a classic, thanks in large part to being the first entry in the series to feature 3D graphics, as well as having one of the most memorable Final Fantasy stories to date.

Though another big reason for its beloved status is the amazing soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu which is incredible on a technical level. In spite of being made using mostly MIDI (instead of a full orchestra in future FF soundtracks), the FF7 soundtrack was incredibly moving and emotional, so much so that it’s a struggle to name a single bad song in the whole game.

Even with how great the whole soundtrack is, there are certain songs that stand out among the rest (at least for us). So without furhter ado, here are our top 7 picks from the Final Fantasy VII original soundtrack:

Opening – Bombing Mission

The Opening – Bombing Mission medley is easily one of the most memorable songs in the whole game. What’s great about it is that it opens up in such a grand manner, but then smoothly transitions in to the Bombing Mission theme that’s incredibly exciting. Making the song even better is that it accompanies the game’s iconic opening; a sequence that no doubt impressed gamers with its incredible graphics (at least at the time of release).

Listen to the Opening – Bombing Mission here:

Fight On!

While Bombing Mission was already quite a high-energy track, Fight On! ups the ante even more. Played during the game’s various boss battles (starting from the Air Buster), Fight On’s fast paced rock style perfectly complements the high stakes fights that Cloud and company often find themselves in.

Listen to Fight On! here:

Tifa’s Theme

The FF7 soundtrack may have lots of intense tracks, but it’s also filled with a number of emotional music. One of the most tender tracks that we love is Tifa’s Theme, which is first played during AVALANCHE’s return from the bombing mission;  a great change of pace from the excitement of the game’s intro. Though for us, Tifa’s Theme is most memorable as the accompaniment to the various flashbacks to Cloud and Tifa’s childhood, specifically “The Promise.”

Listen to Tifa’s Theme here:

Aerith’s Theme

A song that no doubt accompanied the tears of many gamers, Aerith’s Theme is an emotional track that never fails to put tears in our eyes when played. While it is first heard during flashbacks to Aerith’s childhood, the song truly becomes a tear-jerker when played after Aerith’s death. The fact that the song continues to play as Cloud and company fight Jenova-LIFE just makes it even more heartbreaking.

Listen to Aerith’s Theme here:

Cosmo Canyon

Cosmo Canyon is probably one of the most unique songs in the FF7 soundtrack thanks to its slower tempo and folk style. Cosmo Canyon perfectly encapsulates the feel of Red XIII’s hometown of the same name, so much so that his theme is basically a shorter variation of it.

Listen to Cosmo Canyon here:

One-Winged Angel

While there are a lot of tracks used in the various fights against Sephiroth, One-Winged Angel is no doubt the best. Playing during the final battle of the game, One-Winged Angel is the first song in the whole Final Fantasy series to feature vocals; and they’re used to incredible effect. One-Winged Angel definitely capures Safer-Sephiroth’s incredible power and the battle’s world-ending stakes.

Listen to One-Winged Angel here:

Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Rounding out our list of top FF7 songs is none other than the game’s Main Theme. Not only is the game’s main theme a strong and memorable track in its own right, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to exploring the game’s world. There’s just nothing quite like escaping Midgar and hearing this theme play.

Listen to the Main Theme here:

Do you agree with our list? Tell us what you think on the comments below!

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