These Evangelion Tamagotchis let you raise your own Angel

And they're up for pre-order now in a couple of local retailers!

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It seems Evangelion is getting a lot of love recently! Following the reveal of the Uniqlo UT x Evangelion line, we’re getting another interesting Eva collab, this time with the ever-popular digital pet Tamagotchi.

The new Evangelion Tamagotchi series consists of three versions: the EVA-01 (Shinji), EVA-02 (Asuka), and EVA-00 (Rei) models. As their names imply, the three EVA Tamagotchis feature unique colorways, each based on their corresponding EVA unit.

Aside from featuring uniquely-colored shells, the Evangelion Tamagotchis also feature unique pets; specifically the pets are Angels, the alien beings that attack Earth in the Evangelion anime series.

At the start, each Eva Tamagotchi pet will have a fetus, which will then become a cocoon, and finally it’ll turn into one of 20 Angels. Instead of feeding them, the Angels must be given energy from S2 Engines; owners must also replace their LCL fluid every so often. If the Angels are neglected, they will form an AT field that owners must break through.

The Evangelion Tamagotchis will release in Japan this July. The Eva Tamagotchis are also available for pre-order now in the Philippines via various local retailers (such as Hubbyte and Onegaii Onii-Chan). The Eva Tamagotchis have SRPs of PHP 1,250 each.

Source: SoraNews24