OPPO unveils the Ace2 ‘Evangelion’ edition, complete with EVA-themed accessories

Limited to only 10,000 units worldwide.

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OPPO is no stranger to unique limited edition phones; just look at last year’s Reno Ace Gundam Edition. Now, OPPO has teamed up with EVA for a limited edition Evangelion Ace2!

Similar to the Gundam Edition Reno Ace, this Ace 2 EVA edition features a phone with an EVA 01-inspired design, as well as a range of accessories.

Here’s a look at the design of the phone itself:

As you can see, this Ace2 features a purple and green colorway that’s inspired by Shinji Ikari’s EVA Unit-01; it even has a decal of the EVA Unit-01’s head at the lower part of the back. To top it all off, this limited edition Ace2 also features a special EVA-themed UI.

The phone itself isn’t the only thing awesome about the limited edition package; even the box is a showpiece in itself!

Aside from the Ace2 unit, inside the box you’ll find a special smartphone case, complete with even more EVA-inspired details that should be familiar to Evangelion fans.

The phone also comes packed with a VOOC flash charger in a gray-and-red colorway with the iconic NERV logo. There’s also a limited edition EVA wireless Air VOOC charger, though it’s sold separately.

Probably my favorite accessory though is the SIM ejector tool that’s designed to look like the Spear of Longinus!

To complement the EVA Ace2, OPPO also revealed the Oppo Watch and Enco W31 Evangelion editions. While the Ace2 has a Unit-01 theme, the OPPO Watch and Enco W31’s designs are based on Asuka’s EVA Unit-02 and Rei’s Unit-00 respectively.

The OPPO Ace2 EVA edition will be release the Ace2 Evangelion edition in Mainland China on June 1, 2020, and it will be limited to only 10,000 units. The OPPO Watch will also be limited to only 10,000 units, while the Air VOOC charger will be limited to just 5,000 units.

Here are the prices of the EVA edition Ace2 and accessories:

  • Ace2 – RMB 4,400 (around USD 615 or PHP 31,155)
  • OPPO Watch – RMB 2199 (around USD 308 or PHP 15,570)
  • Enco W31 – RMB 399 (around USD 56 or PHP 2,825).
  • Air VOOC charger – RMB 299 (around USD 42 or PHP 2,117).

Find out more about the phone and the accessories HERE.