Evangelion and Casio collab on this exclusive EVA Unit-01 G-Shock

We're loving those colors!

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From earbuds to even shaving razors, we’ve already seen a lot of Evangelion merchandise this year, and it seems that there’s even more to come! In fact, Evangelion has recently teamed up with Casio for this EVA Unit-01-inspired G-Shock DW-6900.

Check out this new EVA watch in all its glory:

While the watch is primarily black, it’s main accent colors are EVA Unit-01’s iconic purple and green. Aside from this striking colorway, the watch also has various EVA-inspired design elements such as the ‘UNIT-01’ and ‘RADIO EVA’ markers, as well as a unique purple strap design.

To top it all off, the Evangelion x Casio G-Shock has a special engraving at the back featuring EVA Unit-01 itself.

Here are more pics of the EVA G-Shock watch:

Aside from the watch itself, the G-Shock EVA-01 comes in a special box with EVA-inspired designs:

The Evangelion x Casio G-Shock DW-6900 watch will release in Japan this August, with the watch having a price tag of JPY 22,000 (around USD 205 or PHP 10,315). For more info on the EVA G-Shock, visit the watch’s page on the Evangelion Store.

Wondering why there’s so much Evangelion merch this year? The likely reason is that the final Rebuild of Evangelion movie was supposed to release this year, sadly, the film’s release has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.