Evangelion and Schick team up to release EVA-themed razors

Gendo Ikari approved.

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This year, we already saw lots of Evangelion-themed collabs, including EVA wireless earbuds, EVA Uniqlo graphic tees, and even a limited edition Evangelion OPPO smartphone. Now, we have another collab, this time a Neon Genesis Evangelion razor collection in collaboration with Schick. Yes, you read that right, razors!

The Evangelion x Schick collab features three Hydro 5 razors, each having unique colors. The first one is a razor inspired by EVA Unit-01:

The second meanwhile is a red and yellow Hydro 5 razor with an EVA Unit-02 theme:

Finally, we have a metallic silver NERV-themed razor:

Gendo Ikari approves of this razor.

Each Hydro 5 razor is available on its own with two extra blades. There will also be a package which includes the razor itself, a special razor holder, and three blades.

Finally, there will also be Evangelion x Schick Hydro 5 replacement blade packs. Each pack also comes with a free smartphone ring.

The Evangelion x Schick Razor blades are already out in Japan now. In the Philippines, the EVA razors are currently up for pre-order via Onegai Onii-chan. At the said store, each set is priced at PHP 2,600 and includes a razor, three blades, and a razor holder.


Wondering why there have been so many Evangelion collabs lately? Well, it’s likely due to the fact that the last Rebuild of Evangelion movie was supposed to release this year. Sadly, the film has been delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.