Unboxing The Last of Us Part 2 ‘Ellie Edition’

There's a lot of functional stuff you can use IRL.

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Today is launch day for the much-anticipated (not to mention very controversial) game The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog. We already gave a very detailed review which you can check out here, but for this one I would like to share in pictures probably the most coveted edition of the game which is the Ellie Edition.

The price of the entire collection is around PHP 14,000 or (USD 280) here in the Philippines. Is it worth every bit of your hard-earned blood, tears and sweat? Let’s find out when we check out each of the physical components!


Lithograph Art Print and Thank You letter from the game’s director Neil Druckmann.


Set of 6 Enamel Pins, which you can use for Ellie’s backpack by the way. I’m saving that for last.


The Last of Us Part II Logo Patch. I might sew this one inside the backpack because I’m weird that way.


Set of 5 Stickers. Perfect to place to your upcoming PlayStation 5 or laptop!


7” Vinyl Record featuring Music from the Original Soundtrack. I have no device to play this though, that might change!


48 Page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse. There’s also a digital version provided but I have to check if its the same one as the physical copy. I wouldn’t dare look into it for now because I might get spoiled accidentally!


SteelBook Case with the full game. Featuring Abby at the back and Ellie up front. RBF is strong with this one!


This one is hella cool, a replica of Ellie’s Bracelet. A lot of cosplay potential right here!


The 12” Ellie Statue is worthy of a display in any man or womancave. Check out the details on the pants, guitar and backpack! Ellie’s tatoo is also wonderfully displayed here. Perhaps the only negative thing I can point out is the way they sculpted and painted Ellie face. For me it seems a bit off with her likeness in the game and looks a tad pale than usual. Other than the head everything is nicely presented here.


The namesake’s edition is obviously the crowning centerpiece of the entire collection. Not gonna lie, the bag looks better than what they initially showed in the promo pictures! What they lacked on the facial details in the statue, they made it up here in spades!

Its bigger than what I expected too! Very functional and a great accessory to bring and brag in events and conventions, or to cosplay along with the bracelet! You can actually fit a brick or a bottle in here, instead of you know, just holding it in your hand. 😉


Aside from the glaring issue with the head sculpt, there’s a lot to appreciate in this collection. I really dig that there’s a lot of stuff here you can use physically like the vinyl, bracelet and bag. It’s good that they included things that you can both display and/or use for your everyday geeky lifestyle. I won’t be surprised if I see a lot of people flaunting the bag and bracelet outside.

What do you guys think of this collection? The Last of Us Part II is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console.

Thanks to Doho Lobaha Pururiin for taking these great shots!


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