Uniqlo reveals new Manga UT line, featuring Tokyo Ghoul t-shirts and more

Designs inspired by Tokyo Ghoul, Kingdom and Golden Kamuy.

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In celebration of Weekly Young Jump’s 40th anniversary, the popular manga brand has collaborated with Uniqlo to release apparel based on 3 popular series coming straight from their pages!

Check out their teaser video below:


Here’s a closer look at the designs, arranged per series (Images courtesy of Uniqlo’s website):

Golden Kamuy




Tokyo Ghoul

This particular batch of shirts will be available on June 29, 2020 following the Evangelion line. See the image below for their scheduled release dates.

Uniqlo really knows how to take all your money with these wonderful designs based on popular Japanese culture, am I right? I’m still recovering from their Gundam promo last week!

While these t-shirts are definitely must-haves for manga and anime fans, this isn’t the first collection from Uniqlo that’s inspired by iconic Manga. Back in 2018, Uniqlo released Shonen Jump collection in multiple waves. And in 2019, Uniqlo also released a Manga UT line featuring designs based on My Hero Academia, Ranma 1/2, and many more.


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