Club Audition Mobile launches today on Android and iOS

PlayPark is celebrating with a big party!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Following the game’s early access period back in January, PlayPark is launching Club Audition Mobile in the Philippines today. To celebrate the game’s launch, PlayPark gathers a lineup of VIP guests to play the game, including rapper Matthaois, TikTok stars Kuya Ching, Stephen Benihagan, Junell Dominic, Carla Zara, Cedric, Kurt Bautista, and many more.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Club Audition Mobile is based on the Audition Online PC game by T3 Entertainment, a game that was played (and loved) by Pinoys back in the day. While Club Audition Mobile sticks close to the original game, it features a more optimized look for mobile, letting players enjoy the game on-the-go.

Club Auditions Mobile’s features include (via PlayPark):

  • Addictive and Exciting Gameplay – Select your preferred room, song, difficulty, at ready na to dance battle with your friends.
  • Be a Fashionista – Choose from a wide range of outfits to express your style.
  • Meeting The Dream Partner – Team up with partners for a more exciting gameplay experience.
  • Build The Ultimate FAM – Build squads (aka FAMS) and challenge others in a camp battle to earn exclusive rights, special access to exclusive items, and more.
  • Compete in Real-Time Battles
    • Dance Battle – With a maximum of 6 players, challenge everyone in the room and choose a song. Make sure to aim for the highest score!
    • Couple Dance – Challenge other couples in the game or team up with a partner after hitting 5 Perfects!
    • Bubble Pang – Follow the Bubbles! Track and click the random bubbles on the screen.
    • Club Dance – Here’s a 2v2 special mode. Find your match and become a couple after the game.
    • Battle Party – How will 4 Players vs an NPC fare? Bring out the best in your team to beat the NPC.
    • FAM Battle Party Club – Pit 4 guild members vs the NPC. Receive big rewards after defeating the NPC.
    • Classic – The ultimate challenge to win and become the best Club Audition player.
    • Beat up – Match the beat and click the buttons once it reaches the middle.

Interested in getting Club Audition Mobile? Here are the game’s system requirements:


  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Installation file size: 2GB
  • Internal storage available: 2 GB
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • OS: android 8 and above

iOS users

  • Device: Iphone 6 and above
  • Version: iOS 10

Club Audition Mobile is available now on the App Store and the Google Play Store. For more info on the game, visit: