Looks like Philippine game stores are gearing up for PS5 pre-orders

Will pre-orders open soon?

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While the release date of Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation 5 console is still months away, it seems like game retailers in the Philippines are already gearing up for possible pre-orders soon. Specifically, Datablitz recently published a post which encourages gamers to sign up for PS5 updates on their website.

By signing up for Datablitz’s PS5 updates, you will be sent info ASAP on the PS5’s release date, pricing, and upcoming titles for the console. If you’re interested, you can sign up at: https://ecommerce.datablitz.com.ph/pages/ps5.


Aside from Datablitz, PH game retailer Gameline has also announced its own sign-up linkĀ for the latest PS5 news. While these retailer updates on the PS5 may not seem like much at first glance, they might indicate that pre-orders for the console may open soon.

Right now, Sony has yet to reveal official pricing info for both PS5 console versions. Though if Sony does announce prices for the PS5 at the rumored State of Play stream this August, we might just see pre-orders opening starting as early as September. Of course, there’s no guarantee if Sony will announce pricing by August; if the State of Play does happen this August, what’s more likely is that we get more new PS5 game announcements.

Here’s hoping that we do get pricing info very soon, so we know how much we need to save up to get one this holiday season!

The PlayStation 5 will release in Holiday 2020. The console will come in two versions–one with a Blu-Ray drive and a Digital Edition with no optical disc drive.