Why the Huawei Matebook 13 is one of the best ultrabooks you can get for the ‘new normal’


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    An ultrabook is pretty much the best kind of laptop for university students, professionals, and business executives; after all, an ultrabook is incredibly thin and light, all while having a premium build and powerful hardware. The only downside to ultrabooks is that they’re often very expensive, with laptops such as Apple’s Macbook 13 starting at PHP 75k.

    Enter the MateBook, Huawei’s ultrabook line. The laptops in the MateBook series all have portable form factors, capable specs, and are built with premium materials. But the best thing about them is that they make ultrabooks more affordable for consumers, especially in the Philippines.

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    The latest in Huawei’s ultrabook series is the MateBook 13, and from the looks of it, it’s easily one of the best ultrabooks you can get right now! Plus, it might just be one of the best laptops you can get especially in light of the ongoing community quarantine. With lots of people still working from home or will enroll in online learning programs, a powerful and well-built laptop that can stand hours up on hours of use; and that’s exactly what the MateBook 13 provides!

    Want more details? Here are five reasons why the MateBook 13 is one of the best laptops to get for you “new normal” WFH setup:

    Great Design

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    The first thing that you’ll notice with the MateBook 13 is its minimalistic, metallic design with a diamond cut body that looks great anywhere, be it at home or in the office. This ultrabook also has a small form factor—even smaller than a piece of A4 paper. The MateBook’s small size, coupled with its incredibly light weight of only 1.36kg makes it one of the most portable notebooks we’ve seen.

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    What makes the MateBook 13’s design even better is that it doesn’t sacrifice anything to become this thin and light. For instance, the MateBook still has a webcam placed at the top of the screen (instead of at the bottom like what other ultrabooks do). Plus, the MateBook 13 will still be able to keep temperatures manageable even while under heavy load thanks to the Shark Fin Fan 2.0 cooling solution which consists of two high-speed fans to keep the laptop cool.


    Impressive 3:2 Display

    Another stand-out feature of the MateBook 13 is its display. This laptop’s screen is a 13-inch FullView display with slim bezels, making for an 88% screen-to-body-ratio. The display’s 2k resolution means it’s a sharp and clear display for both multimedia content and for text. To top it all off, the MateBook 13’s FullView screen is a touch display with multi-touch functionality which adds another dimension to a user’s experience. For instance, the laptop’s multi-touch allows for the Finger Gesture Screenshot feature which lets users take a screenshot by performing a three-finger downwards swipe gesture on the display.

    One interesting thing about the MateBook 13 is that it has a 3:2 aspect ratio, making it taller than standard laptops with 16:9 screens. Thanks to its tall aspect ratio, students and working professionals are able to see more vertical content on the screen for enhanced productivity. For example, opening a word file side-by-side on a 3:2 display will let you see more of the files’ content on the screen compared to doing the same thing on a 16:9 display.


    Quality Specs

    A great design and display aren’t the only things that an ultrabook should have, it must also be packed with powerful hardware. On the specs department, the MateBook 13 does not disappoint as it packs a 10th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, as well as a dedicated NVIDIA MX250 graphics card. The Matebook 13 also packs up to 16GB of RAM along with a 512GB SSD.

    Thanks to the hardware that it packs, the MateBook 13 will have no problem with the standard range of productivity apps, including Word, PowerPoint, and other Office programs. The MateBook 13 should also be able to handle photo editing and some light video editing thanks to the dedicated graphics card that the laptop packs.

    Aside from being a powerful device, the MateBook 13 won’t run out of juice fast. Huawei’s latest ultrabook has a large 41.7Wh battery that should let it last for 8-9 hours of browsing and using productivity apps. Huawei even says that the MateBook 13 can play local Full HD videos for 11.6 hours.


    Intelligent Experience

    Huawei didn’t stop with just giving the MateBook 13 powerful hardware, this new ultrabook also packs a bevy of intelligent features that enhance the whole user experience. For one, the MateBook 13 packs a Fingerpint Power Button which is a convenient way of adding another layer of security to the laptop. The MateBook 13’s clickpad and keyboard meanwhile, have a satisfying tactile feel to them, enhancing the typing/working experience on the laptop.

    Finally, the MateBook 13 packs a compact Type-C charger that gives the laptop 2.3 hours of use time with just a 15-minute charge. The Type-C charger is also multi-function meaning it doubles as a SuperCharger for select Huawei smartphones/tablets. Thanks to this, you don’t have to bring a separate charger for your Huawei device if you need to go out for work.


    Huawei Share

    The MateBook 13 one of the best ultrabooks you can get now, but if you’re a Huawei smartphone owner, the MateBook 13 is your best option thanks to Huawei Share. With Huawei Share, users can connect select Huawei phone with the MateBook 13 with ease by using NFC and Wi-Fi on both devices.

    Once a Huawei phone is connected to the MateBook 13 via Huawei Share, the user can access a ton of useful features. One nifty feature is Multi-Screen Collaboration, this lets users control their Huawei phone via the MateBook using a virtual screen. Multi-Screen also lets users seamlessly answer calls and continue videos from their phone to the laptop. This also allows users to open files from the phone on the MateBook, as well as easily drag and drop files to copy them between the two devices.

    Huawei Share doesn’t just end with Multi-Screen Collaboration though as there are a lot more features that users can take advantage of, including easy file transfer, screen recording, clipboard sharing, and many more.

    Want to get your own MateBook 13? The MateBook 13 is available now in Huawei concept stores and partner offline/online retailers, and it’s priced at PHP 65,990 for the i5 model and PHP 72,990 for the i7 variant. Each purchase of a MateBook 13 from July 4 until July 31, 2020 will come with a free notebook sleeve and Huawei backpack (worth PHP 2,389).

    For more info on the MateBook 13, visit: And for the list of stores where you can get your own MateBook 13, check out:

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