Final Fantasy 7 Remake physical copies get big discounts in the Philippines

Great news in case you haven't played the FF7 Remake yet!

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of the highlight games of 2020, after all, it was one of the fastest-selling titles this year, not to mention that it received good reviews and great fan reception. Even though it might just be the first part in the full remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, the game still offers enough content to provide a full experience (at least in our eyes).

In case you haven’t played the game yet but are interested in giving it a go, you’re in luck! Physical copies of the Final Fantasy VII Remake are currently available in a new promo at several PlayStation Authorized retailers in the Philippines.

Specifically, the Standard Edition of FF7 Remake is available for PHP 2,195 while the Deluxe Edition is priced at PHP 3,295 during the promo. For comparison, the original price of the Standard and Deluxe Editions are PHP 2,995 and PHP 4,295 respectively.

Here are some of the stores where you can get FF7R at its discounted prices:



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Better hurry though, the Final Fantasy VII Remake special offer is available from Augsut 1 until August 16, 2020 only.

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