Valorant Act II is now live, featuring new Agent Killjoy, new Battle Pass and more

Valorant just got a big update!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Following her reveal last week, Riot Games has finally released Killjoy, the first new Valorant Agent since the game’s launch earlier in June. Killjoy launches in Valorant in the Act II which also brings a new battle pass, game mode, weapon skin, and more.

In case you missed her announcement, here are Killjoy’s abilities:

  • Alarmbot – can be deployed to hunt down enemies, damaging them and leaving them vulnerable to double damage.
  • Turret – can be placed down to secure an area as it fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone.
  • Nanoswarm – a grenade that releases a swarm of nanobots that damages enemies.
  • Ultimate: Lockdown – a device that “detains” enemies in a radius for 8 seconds.

The Valorant Act II update also comes with the new weapon skin Glitchpop, a modern cyberpunk-inspired skin that’s available for Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, Melee. Included in the Glitchpop drop are 7 levels of upgrades, like a finisher, kill banner, variants, and an accessory bundle.

Alongside the new skin is the new Act II battle pass which lets players earn XP to progress and unlock new items, including weapon skins, Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Titles. The Act II Premium Battlepass is also available, and it lets players earn more in-game goodies such as the Red Alert Operator or the POLYfox Guardian weapon skins.

Finally, Act II introduces the Free For All Deathmatch beta game mode. Long requested by fans, FFA Deathmatch will feature 10 players, with no abilities and infinite money.

Valorant Act II also makes changes to the game’s competitive mode. Read more about it HERE.