Few Hours Left to Enjoy Xtreme Savings on Appliances this 9.9 Sale!

Few hours left to enjoy these great savings!

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Have you splurged all your money yet during this crazy 9.9 sale? If you’re looking for some home improvement upgrades, you may want to check out XTREME APPLIANCES’ 9.9 Sale happening now!

Enjoy up to 23% discount on a bunch of appliances from front-loading washing machines, window-type air-conditioning units, gas ranges, karaoke machines and amplifiers but what we’re pretty excited would be their sale on their 4K 55-inch TV series, specifically the MF-5500v and MF5500s.

While the MF-5500v is a step down to what we reviewed late last year which was the MF-5500s, the features are almost the same. We were thoroughly impressed with the MF-5500s particularly how it handled our gaming session when we tried Death Stranding on it running on the PS4 Pro. The HDR and color reproduction is superb! The only thing missing on the MF-5500v is the soundbar built in — but it does have dynamic audio output capabilities.

If you’re interested in that the price for the Xtreme MF-5500v drops down to Php 22,555.00 from Php 24,995 while the Xtreme MF-5500s drops down from Php 30,900 to Php 26,995!

For more information please visit XTREME Appliances Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. For the full list of products, please visit XTREME on Website, Lazada, and Shopee pages.